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28th Congress in Melbourne, Australia

The Australian Section of SIL, Australian Society for Limnology, and entire limnological contingency will host the 28th Congress of SIL in midsummer, 4-10 February 2001. The Congress will be held on the Clayton campus of Monash University with extensive opportunities to evaluate the inland water resources of Australia. Despite the great travel distance for most of us, the unique limnology of this enormous country is most attractive. We encourage members to avail themselves of this opportunity. The contact person of the Organizing Committee is Dr. Richard Marchant, Museum of Victoria, 71 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067, Australia. Email:

29th Congress in Finland

The 29th Congress of SIL will be held in the Helsinki University Lahti Research and Training Centre, slightly north of Helsinki in August 2004. An extensive itinerary is being organized in this limnological mecca.

30th Congress in Canada

The 30th Congress of SIL will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in August 2007. An extensive series of scientific excursions are being planned to evaluate numerous limnological venues and activities of this region of Canada.

Call for nominations for the Naumann-Thienemann Medal Awards

A detailed summary of the contributions of Einar Naumann and August Thienemann to limnology and the foundation of SIL was presented in the lead article of SILNEWS 21. The Naumann-Thienemann Medal is the highest honor awarded for scientific contributions in international limnology. The Naumann-Thienemann Medal Committee solicits documented nominations of scientists with unusual contributions to the development and advancement of limnology. To nominate a candidate, a complete curriculum vitae, list of publications, and a statement of the outstanding merits of the individual should be submitted to General Secretary Wetzel or President Burns for distribution to and evaluation by the Committee.

Nominations for the Baldi Memorial Lecturer

The Baldi Memorial Lecturer, described in detail in SILNEWS 24 in 1998, for the 28th Congress in Australia will be Dr. Jack F. Talling of the Freshwater Biological Association of Britain. The Baldi Memorial Lecturer Committee solicits documented nominations of limnologists that would present seminal insights on a particular subject in inland aquatic ecology. Forward nominations to General Secretary Wetzel.

Nominations for the Kilham Memorial Lecturer

The Kilham Memorial Lecture for the 28th Congress in Australia will be Dr. John Melack of the University of California Santa Barbara. The Kilham Memorial Lecture Committee requests documented nominations of limnologists appropriate for this honor. Forward documentation to Gen. Secretary Wetzel for the Committee.

Tonolli Memorial Awards

The Tonolli Memorial Fund for Furthering Limnology in Developing Countries has adequate funding from the interest of the endowment and from contributions to award a few scholarships to assist the research training of young scientists from developing countries. Applications should include detailed documentation of candidates and letters of recommendation. Submissions should be made to General Secretary Wetzel for distribution to and evaluation by the Committee. The Committee evaluates proposals twice annually, in January and July.

Publication of Congress Proceedings

The Proceedings (Verhandlungen) from the last congress in Dublin are in final stages of publication. In spite of the attempts of the Executive Board and all concerned to accelerate the reviews and publication of articles submitted for the Proceedings, delays have again resulted from the external refereeing process of ca. 1000 manuscripts. Two persons will have reviewed all papers. Publication should be completed in 2000.

The Proceedings will be available in either printed form, as previously, or electronically on CD-ROM (2 disks), or both (for a modest additional charge). The General Secretary canvassed all members for their preference, and 2509 (82%) members requested printed form at this juncture (the default preference for those members that did not respond), 437 (14%) on CD-ROM, and 111 (4%) wished both printed and electronic. There are advantages to both media, but gradually SIL will shift, as is the case with most scientific journals, to electronic publication. We welcome your critique of the Proceedings as issued on the different media.

SIL Publication Index

The author and subject index of all SIL publications (Verhandlungen 1-20; Mitteilungen 1-21) continues to be enthusiastically received. This valuable access source to the thousands of SIL publications is available to members at cost of production. Remit SFr 20 or US $10 to The General Secretary-Treasurer for your copy. Remittance in US dollars being sent from foreign countries must be drawn on an international bank in the USA that is recognized by the Federal Reserve System. See payment instructions here.

Limnology in Developing Countries

The first volume of a special book series Limnology in Developing Countries, edited by B. Gopal and R. G. Wetzel, was completed in late 1995 and distributed to all members in good standing. Volumes II was distributed in 1999, and Volumes III and IV are currently being completed for distribution in 2000. These publications are free to members in good standing. Available for purchase at the rates indicated through the office of the General Secretary-Treasurer.

Limnology of Developing Countries Vol. I. 1995. B. Gopal and R. G. Wetzel, Editors. 230 pp. (Bangladesh, Ghana, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tunisia) [$5 individuals; $12 institutions]

Limnology of Developing Countries Vol. II. 1999. R. G. Wetzel and B. Gopal, Editors. (In press) (Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Nigeria, Surinam, Uruguay) [$8 individuals; $20 institutions]

Limnology of Developing Countries, Vol. III. 2000. B. Gopal and R. G. Wetzel, Editors. (In final preparation) (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Korea, Mali, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Surinam, Turkey, Uganda) [price to be determined]

Limnology of Developing Countries, Vol. IV. 2000. R. G. Wetzel and B. Gopal, Editors. (In final preparation) (China) [price to be determined]


The SIL newsletter, initiated in late 1987, is distributed three times annually to all members. In past years, the January issue has been distributed with the Annual Circular to economize on postage costs. However, with the Editorial Office now located in Canada, there is really no significant savings achieved by combining mailing. SILNEWS 29 will be sent from Canada to all members in December. Our newsletter editor, Dr. Richard Robarts, requests your participation and submission of information to further increase communication and exchange among our members. Forward any information for consideration to Dr. Richard Robarts or Ms. Clara Fabbro, National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada, 11 Innovation Blvd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 3H5, Canada. E-mail: or

Sponsor a member

Some members have generously contributed sufficient funds to sponsor a researcher or student of limnology from developing or other countries from which it is difficult to pay our modest membership fee. Alternatively we urge you to contribute to the Endowment Fund.

Library Affiliates

SIL has shipped excess copies of all available past SIL publications to a number of libraries of developing or other countries in which it is difficult for institutional membership. In addition, institutional memberships have been provided for certain libraries from our Endowment Fund. We welcome applications from institutional libraries for assistance with their membership. Direct inquiries to the office of the General Secretary and Treasurer. Persons knowing of particularly deserving institutional libraries are urged to inform us – we are attempting to have our scientific contributions reach as many workers as possible.

Increase our membership!

The membership of SIL now exceeds 3100. In order to enhance the many roles of our membership in international limnology, particularly in education, research, and effective management of water resources, we need to increase our membership to include greater representation of active freshwater scientists and water resource managers. It is particularly appropriate and important that young researchers and students become involved in the activities of SIL. The Student Membership for fulltime students working toward a graduate degree is being used widely. Students receive a 50% reduction in annual fees for a maximum of three years. A membership form is available here … convince a colleague or student to join SIL today!

Archiv fűr Hydrobiologie

Ordinary members (Sodales) can obtain this publication, an official journal of the SIL, at a price reduction of 20%. Please send orders to the General Secretary for forwarding to the publisher, E. Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung. The main Volumes (Hauptbande) of the Archiv fűr Hydrobiologie are designed for short original works from the entire field of theoretical and applied limnology. Complete and critical reviews of individual subjects of limnology appear as the “Ergebnisse der Limnologie” (Advances in Limnology).

Correct Addresses

Please verify your name and address given on the address label of SIL mailings contains changes reported to the General Secretary as of early December 1999. SIL cannot be responsible for loss of publications because of unreported changes of address.