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The physical limnology working group met at the 100th SIL Congress in Berlin. As a result, subgroups are being formed of modelers and observational scientists with the goal to improve validation of 1 and 3-D hydrodynamic models, for physical-biological coupling with special interest in phytoplankton, to evaluate the gas exchange velocity used to model fluxes of climate forcing trace gases and oxygen across the air-water interface, and to evaluate inshore-offshore exchanges in lakes and reservoirs. We would additionally like to plan joint experiments on key topics. New members are welcome to join and contribute to these activities.

Latest Updates & Current Activities:

The physical limnology working group presented Tutorials on Physical Limnology for Biologists and Biogeochemists at the 100th SIL Congress, we can access them on the  . 

Additional tutorials have been requested and will be presented later in 2022 or in 2023, we will keep you informed on this page and the SIL news and social media platforms.


Direct link to the page with the videos.

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