Mission and Vision

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SIL Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Mission and Vision

Approved by the Executive Board of SIL on the meeting on 23 April 2020



Promoting excellence in studying and managing inland waters and addressing global issues through the fostering of interdisciplinary approaches and the transfer of knowledge.


• Foster and support international scientific networks of inland water research

• Develop and maintain partnerships for sustainable management of inland water ecosystems and water resources

• Contribute to addressing global environmental and societal issues through a strategic alignment with the UN SDGs

• Empower researchers of tomorrow and facilitate knowledge-transfer to promote limnology to a wider audience



SIL is recognized as:

• a community of researchers that supports creating and promoting innovative scientific ideas in limnology

• a society that assumes thought leadership in developing concepts and solutions to address problems in water-related fields

• fostering global partnerships for sustainable provision and maintenance of healthy inland water ecosystems including their biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people

• a society that educates researchers and water managers on interdisciplinary approaches of sustainable inland water management

• a society with a vibrant international network of early-career researchers in water-related research fields