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Donations to SIL

SIL is a not-for-profit organisation that provides knowledge, resources and support to all members with a special focus on students, early-career researchers and members from low-income countries. Our multi-tiered membership fees are designed to enable limnologists to join independent of their career stage or geographic origin. As a consequence, membership fees cover only about 40% of our expenses for research support, travel grants, communication and education platforms and office expenses, among others. Donations are an important component to support and increase dedicated SIL activities. Donations can not only target individual existing initiatives, but may also result in the creating of new funds, such as our Tonolli, Wetzel, Baldi, Kilham and Moss funds. All donations are tax deductible (a formal letter acknowledging the amount donated is sent to donors). 

Your donation can:

  • Result in the creation of a new dedicated fund.
  • Provide support for research and innovation of individual members via our awards programs.
  • Pay SIL-related expenses for young limnologists worldwide who otherwise may be unable to participate in SIL activities.
  • Pay membership dues for young limnologists in developing countries who would otherwise be unable to participate in activities associated with SIL and to receive member rates for publication in Inland Waters.
  • Support young limnologists of developing countries membership dues. Their membership in SIL and participation in the activities of our association would be impossible without it.
  • All donated money goes to 100% to the declared SIL causes.


Many SIL members make a habit of adding a donation when they pay their annual dues. Several others donate large sums once a year. SIL is grateful for all donations. In all cases, donations go to programs and activities sponsored by SIL and are tax deductible. A formal letter acknowledging the donation will be provided.

If you wish to make a donation, just click on the links below and enter the amount you wish to donate.

We appreciate your contribution, and thank you for your support.

Björn Wissel,
General Secretary-Treasurer

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