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Contact List


Prof. Yves Prairie >>>

General Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Tamar Zohary >>>

Contact Tamar on any SIL matter that isn’t listed under any of the other contacts below.

Business Manager

Ms. Denise Johnshon >>>

Contact Denise for all matters regarding joining SIL , your SIL membership, SIL awards, payment (SIL membership dues, purchase of SIL materials, open access or page charges for Inland Waters etc.).

Chief Editor – Inland Waters

Prof. John R. (Jack) Jones >>>

Contact Jack on scientific matters relating to Inland Water.

contact Denise Johnson regarding page charges.

Editor, SILnews

Dr. Ramesh Gulati >>>

Contact Ramesh with material to be published in SILnews.


Veronica Nava

Contact Veronica for all matters regarding this website, such as items for the News section, job and fellowship announcements, theses to upload, and anything else you would like to upload on this website.

Facebook Manager

Dr. Maciej Bartosiewicz >>>

Contact Maciej for any matters you wish post on the SIL facebook or Twitter pages.