SIL’s newsletter

SILnews is an informal information medium for both SIL members and non- SIL members. It publishes any information and developments in limnology that is of general interest, ranging from purely scientific to partially scientific. The newsletter is published twice a year, in June and December.


SILnews has a broad and general scope. The editor accepts contributions on a wide range of limnological issues, from short research and review articles to announcements and reports from scientific workshops and conferences. Any data that the author or authors may like to share with colleagues will be considered for publication. Any examples of lakes or other, fresh or saline water bodies, under anthropogenic stress or threatened by Man will be considered for publication. Also obituaries of colleagues in the recent past (about one year or less) are accepted for publication.

Instructions to contributors

The contributions to the newsletter may be written in scientific language but also expressed informally, if you like. Text in PDF format will not be accepted. Text is preferred in MS Word format to allow editing in “track changes”.

All manuscripts, including ANNOUNCEMENTS AND REPORTS of Scientific Conferences and Workshops are to be submitted to the editor, Dr Giovanna Flaim. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS should be maximally 1000 words, including a list of about ten or less references of the author’s published papers at the end, followed by the author’s name with email address and brief postal address. A few high-quality figures/photos relating the article contents should accompany the article. For OBITUARIES, please provide exact data on age of the deceased and the main interest in the field of limnology based on his notable contributions to limnology. A few photos, including both old and more recent ones (2-3) will be accepted for inclusion in the obituary.

Deadlines for the submission of manuscripts are 1 April and 1 October, respectively, for the June and December issues. Some delay in the manuscript submission is acceptable but the newsletter editor should be consulted beforehand for submitting the article.

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To submit articles, comments and /or suggestions for the SILnews newsletter,

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Editor, SILnews

You can download all SILnews issues starting from #21/Jan 1997