Vittorio Tonolli (1913-1967)

He was trained in medicine at the University of Milan and graduated in 1939. Active in the antifascist resistance movement during the war, in 1944 he sought refuge in the Lago Maggiore region and began collaboration with Professor Edgardo Baldi and an Assistant Professor Livia Pirocchi at the Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia in Pallanza. Tonolli […]

August Friedrich Thienemann

(1882-1960) He was trained in zoology in Innsbruck, Heidelberg, and Greifswald (Ph.D, 1905, on trichopteran pupae), and habilitated as docent at the University of Münster on the distribution of freshwater organisms (Rodhe 1975). In 1917, he was appointed director of the Hydrobiological Anstalt at Plön, then of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft which later became the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and […]

Einar Christian Leonard Naumann

(1891-1934) He studied in southern Sweden at the University of Lund. In 1917, he completed his Ph.D. in botany and zoology and advanced to docent in botany with studies on phytoplankton and sediment formation in some Swedish lakes. He conducted many diverse limnological studies, particularly in the Aneboda region, and established an Institute of Limnology […]

Peter Kilham

He was born at Salisbury in England and lived as a child in Uganda. Most of his early years, however, were passed around Hanover, New Hampshire, USA, where he received his introduction to research at Dartmouth College and his A.B. with high honors in biology in 1965. He completed the Ph.D. in zoology at Duke […]

Robert G. Wetzel

From rather humble beginnings, Professor Robert G. Wetzel’s ever-increasing knowledge and expertise touched countless colleagues, students and lay persons around the world. Bob was born on 16 August 1936 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to German immigrant parents. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis with Professor Charles Goldman. Starting his professional career […]

Edgardo Baldi

He was trained at the University of Pavia, Italy, in natural sciences and specialized in studies on the neurophysiology of insects. In collaborations with Rina Monti, Baldi became interested in freshwater biology and particularly in the biology of copepods of alpine waters. In 1937, he became director of the Institute of Comparative Anatomy and Zoology […]