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SO – European School on Ostracoda

The call for the 4th European School on Ostracoda (ESO 4) is now open. This short course is intended to provide an introduction into biological and palaeontological ostracodology including many methodological aspects and practical training for mainly PhD students and early PostDocs studying ostracods or using them as proxies and index fossils. The course takes place in Jena (Central Germany, Thuringia) 25 March to 29 March 2019.

You will find more information on where you can also register. Please, send parallely an email to for going strait onto the list of participants. Applicants will be accepted in the order of registration and confirmed by payment of the fee. There are still eight places available.

Look also at the Facebook page (

We highly appreciate the offer of The Micropalaeontological Society (TMS) to provide a stipend of up to 500 £ supporting one participant in travel costs and fee ( The application for this stipend is open until 31 January 2019.

River Basin Dynamics and Management with Geographical Information Systems MSc

University of Leeds, UK