35th (2021) – SOUTH KOREA (Gwangju)

The XXXV SIL Congress was held in Gwangju, Republic of Korea from 22 – 27 August 2018.   The 35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology AUGUST 22-27, 2021 held in Gwangju, Republic of Korea was a great success! Its theme Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for Healthy Rivers, Lakes and Humans drew over 500 people from more than 50 countries. Over 100 students […]

Gea-Jae Joo

My research is on 1) long-term ecological research of a regulated river (Nakdong River), 2) ecological mechanism of plankton blooms in a regulated river system, 3) food web dynamics in the flood-plain wetlands, 4) impact of aquatic invasive species, 5) scientific understanding of traditional knowledge and culture in the wetlands. My laboratory studies diverse taxa […]