The Sixth Wetlands Symposium of the International Association of Ecology, INTECOL VI, on the theme of Global Wetlands at the Millennium will be held at Québec City, Canada August 6-12, 2000. The Organizing Committee comprised of representatives of Canadian universities, governments and industry invite your participation, expressions of interest in organizing special workshops or symposia, and presentation of papers or posters.

Numerous topics such as global water conservation, sustainable development issues, fisheries in wetlands, microbiological research, botanical studies, waterfowl habitat, conservation policy and legislation, wetland restoration technology, wetlands as carbon sinks, the role of wetlands in climate change, tropical peatlands, estuarine ecology, forestry in wetlands, and many other topics are welcome for the program under development.

INTECOL VI will be a component of a Millennium Wetland Event with its meeting held in conjunction with the 21st Annual Meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists, the 11th World Congress of the International Peat Society and the 12th Symposium of the International Mire Conservation Group as well as specialized meetings of Wetlands International and numerous other groups. The Convention on Wetlands and the IUCN Ecosystem Management Commission have offered to assist in implementation of the program.

Full details on the scope of these meetings, field trips, registration, hotels and additional information can be viewed at the Web site: http://www/ or by contact with:

Wetland Millennium Event Secretariat
Attention Ms. Elizabeth MacKay
CQVB, Bureau 620
2875 boulevard Laurier
Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada G1V 2M2
Phone: (418) 657-3853
Fax: (418) 657-7934


Clayton Rubec
Chair, Organizing Committee, INTECOL VI
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0H3
Phone: (819) 953-0485
Fax: (819) 994-4445