Reproduced from INSIGHT, the newsletter of UNEP-IETC, December 1997

UNEP’s International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) at Shiga and Osaka in Japan (Homepage: has created a searchable directory of Environ-mentally Sound Technologies (ESTs) which provides data on (a) EST related institutions worldwide (b) global, regional and national EST systems and (c) ESTs in the Centres’s fields of expertise, e.g. sewage, air pollution, solid waste, noise and the management of freshwater basins. Information contained in the directory is available online through the Centre’s homepage (given above), through a CD-ROM which has just been released, on floppy diskettes and on paper (see below for details of the paper version Ed.). More details can be obtained from the homepage or E-mail: or Fax: +(81-6) 915-0304.

The EST Directory is managed and maintained by a PC software tool named “maESTro” which, through its DIF format also provides for data exchange with other EST information systems. Currently IETC is collaborating with a number of partner EST information systems e.g. EnviroNET Australia, GNET, USA and UNIDO in Vienna, to convert data into DIF format for better sharing of information. The “maESTro” data collection and dissemination tool will be complemented by the installation of internet search mechanisms to also provide users with reference data which are not yet available in the IETC’s Directory of ESTs. Version 1.0 of “maESTro” is now available on CD-ROM. Queries about and requests for “maESTro” should be addressed to:

UNEP IETC Shiga Office
1091 Oroshimocho, Kusatsu City Shiga 525, Japan

IETC welcomes and actively seeks partnerships and other forms of cooperation with EST producers, end users, governments and other organizations knowledgeable about ESTs to the advantage of all parties involved.

UNEP’s Survey of Information Systems Related to Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)

This publication is the result of an extensive survey conducted from 1994 to 1996 on over 400 informations systems and institutions likely to possess information on ESTs. It is available from:

SMI, Ltd.
P.O.Box 119
Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 4TP, UK
Fax: +44 1438 748 844
Price US$40


Volume 2, Issue 3/4 September/ December 1996 of ILEC’s Journal entitled Lakes and Reservoirs Research and Management is now available. You may request a copy from Mr Minoru Shirai at: