The Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Limnology and Oceanography (DIALOG) Program was initiated in 1994 to reduce the historical, institutional, geographic, and philosophical barriers that limit the exchange of information across the aquatic sciences, and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Through this program,

the dissertation abstracts of recent Ph.D. recipients are collected and distributed;
a symposium is held to foster cross-disciplinary understanding and collaborations; and
a centralized data base of aquatic science researchers is maintained.

Dissertation Compilation:

In order to identify and recognize the newest members of the aquatic sciences community, all aquatic scientists completing Ph.D. requirements after April 1, 1997 are encouraged to submit an abstract of their dissertation to the DIALOG program. Dissertation citations are printed in the ASLO Bulletin, which is circulated to the ca. 3,800 members of ASLO. The submitted abstracts are posted on the ASLO web page.


In order to foster interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and international understanding and collaborations, a symposium for 40 recent Ph.D. recipients will be held at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, October 18 – 24, 1999. The symposium is open to all aquatic scientists completing Ph.D. requirements between April 1, 1997 and March 31, 1999. A committee will select participants based on the application materials submitted.

Symposium space is limited, and selection will favor those who wish to pursue interdisciplinary aquatic science research. Travel subsidies are available through support from sponsoring agencies (NASA, NSF, NOAA, ONR, and the European Commission). The deadline for completed applications is May 1, 1999.

Dissertation Submission and Symposium Application:

Information and interactive forms for dissertation submission are available through the ASLO web page, The site also contains instructions for symposium application.


If you have questions or are unable to access, contact:

Dr. Susan Weiler/DIALOG
Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA
Tel: 509-527-5948
Fax: 509-527-5961