Gizachew Teshome Ayele

Assitant Professor, University of Gondar Researchgate Orcid Gizachew have had research experience in freshwater fish biodiversity, fish migration and reproduction, conservation of threatened Labeobarbus species, river pollution, water quality assessment in rivers and lakes, and management of invasive aquatic weeds (water hyacinth) in Lake Tana. Stream and river ecology, macroinvertebrate based biotic indices, in-situ and […]

Georg Niedrist

Postdoctoral Researcher, the Institute of Ecology of University of Innsbruck

Michele A. Burford

Executive Deputy Director and Professor, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University I have research interests in nutrient biogeochemistry and harmful algal blooms working in the continuum from catchments, rivers, reservoirs to the coast. I am also an Associate Editor of Inland Waters. As the SIL national representative for Australia, my aim is to promote SIL, and increase […]

Björn Wissel

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 | UCBL Laboratoire d’écologie des hydrosystèmes naturels et anthropisés (LEHNA) 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex FRANCE

Sally MacIntyre

Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California at Santa Barbara As a physical limnologist, my focus is on the linkages between physical, biological and chemical processes. I have been fortunate enough to have conducted studies in lakes from the tropics to the Arctic. As the USA Contact NR, my goals include […]

Linda May

My research focuses mainly on zooplankton ecology, and the restoration and recovery of lakes that are affected by eutrophication problems. As the UK’s national representative, my main aim is to encourage and support SIL members, and to raise the profile of limnological research, across the UK.

Lisette de Senerpont Domis

My present research interests are plankton dynamics in a changing world, eutrophication control of aquatic systems, and development of harmful blooms. My SIL goals are to make SIL 21th century proof, and to attract more Early Career scientists to SIL.

Pieter Spaak

Group Leader, Aquatic Ecology, Eawag My main research focus is on the processes that influence the diversity in freshwater plankton populations. As main model system I use Daphnia. We study for example the influence of cyanobacteria on Daphnia populations and their parasites. Recently we sequenced the genome of Daphnia galeata. I see SIL, with its […]

Richard Johnson

Professor, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences My research interests are largely focused on understanding the importance of local and large-scale drivers of the biodiversity of lakes and streams, and how human intervention alters these patterns. Recent research interests include the importance of cross-habitat linkages for biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and […]