Free to read Inland Waters articles

Links to access free to read articles >>> >>> Pilla et al. 2024: Deepwater dissolved oxygen shows little ecological memory between lake phenological seasons —   >>>Jones et al. 2024: Carbon and nutrient sequestration in small impoundments: a regional study with global implications —   >>>Wood et al. 2023: A national-scale trophic state […]

Wetzel Week

WETZEL’S LIMNOLOGY As General Secretary and Treasurer of SIL for 37 years, Robert Wetzel contributed enormously to the success and growth of the society. Ian Jones and John Smol recently coordinated and edited a new edition of Wetzel’s Limnology, recruiting over 50 international authors, with each chapter being brought up to date by experts. SIL […]

Wetzel Travel Award Results

Wetzel SIL Congress Award 2024 Results of the Wetzel Congress Award 2024 are now available !   Look at the results

EU BioAgora

IGB Berlin and the EU BioAgora project have launched a questionnaire to identify critical research needs for restoring free-flowing rivers, the aim of this questionnaire is to bridge the gap by identifying research priorities that address real-world societal challenges, involving a wide range of actors. The EU BioAgora project is conducting a short online survey to help […]

Wetzel SIL Congress Travel Award

Wetzel SIL Congress Travel Award Open to all young limnologists throughout the world that might otherwise be unable to participate in SIL activities, you can apply to the Wetzel SIL congress travel award to participate in the SIL2024 congress in May 2024! Deadline application 22 December 2023 Application Form

SIL needs Mentors

We need mentors to help our mentees in their limnological journey! SIL’s mentorship program offers the chance to students and early careers limnologists to be mentored by experienced scientists within the SIL international community that are willing to guide and advise them for up to three years (timeline to be agreed upon by the mentor and […]

Brian Moss Student Competition ~ Results from the national section

Brian Moss Student Competition ~ Results of the national selection We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Brian Moss Student Competition had 52 participants from all over the world! It’s amazing to see how this prestigious award has attracted so many talented individuals from 28 countries of both the global south and north. We’re […]

Workshop’s videos are now available!

The Education Committee has been organizing workshops to help students improve their skills, you can now access to these workshop on replay: Workshops and seminars