Other Professional Meetings

Other Professional Meetings

9th International Shallow Lakes Meeting (19-24 February 2017)

Merida City, Mexico

10th GAP Workshop (19-30 August 2017)

Třeboň, Czech Republic

Objectives will be to: 1) Bring together scientists, postdocs and students from the field of aquatic primary productivity for joint experiments, lectures and discussions. 2) Expand traditional primary productivity methods with modern molecular approaches. 3) Jointly discuss the obtained results and prepare the publications for a special issue in a peer -reviewed journal.

There will be four working groups focused on individual tasks: 1) WG1 - Interactions of algae and bacteria (Římov drinking water reservoir). Local coordinator: Michal Koblížek. 2) WG2 - Productivity in highly productive systems (eutrophic ponds near Třeboň) Local coordinator: Libor Pechar. 3) WG3 - Photosynthesis—Laboratory experiments on model phytoplankton cultures. Local coordinator: Ondřej Prášil. 4) WG4 - Trophic conversion of microalgae Local coordinator: Jiří Masojídek.

Participating institutions: Centre ALGATECH, Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences. Institute of Hydrobiology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences. ENKI, o.p.s. University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

Please contact gap2017@alga.cz for further details.