2nd International SIL Student Competition

2nd International SIL Student Competition

The competition:  best published paper in Limnology appearing as part of a PhD or MSc thesis
The prize: plenary talk at the 2018 SIL Congress in Nanjing, China

We announce the second international competition, open to all students and early-career members of SIL (the International Society of Limnology). In this competition, the best paper in limnology emerging from a PhD or MSc study of a SIL student member published recently will be chosen. The competition winner will present her/his study as a plenary lecture at the 2018 SIL Congress to be held at Nanjing, China.

The competition will have two stages:

Stage 1 – National: At this stage, each participating country will choose its best paper that will enter the international competition. The national representative of each participating country will organize this stage in his/her country. Only one paper can be nominated per country, except countries with more than 50 SIL members that can submit two papers. The National Representative of each country will set up a committee that will rank the papers according to the scoring system detailed below, and will choose 1 or 2 paper(s) for Stage 2.

Stage 2 - International: An international jury comprising at least 5 members from different countries will review the papers and choose the winning papers for the first 3 places, based on a scoring system detailed below.

Conditions for participating in Stage 1 of the competition

  • The candidate must be a SIL member.
  • The candidate must be the first author of the submitted article.
  • The candidate must be a student, or an early career professional who has finished his/her MSc or PhD in 2014 or later.
  • The article must be in the field of limnology.
  • The article must be written in English.
  • The article must have been published or fully accepted for publication in 2015, 2016, or 2017.
  • A nomination letter must be attached (details below, point no. 4).


Materials to submit


    1. The filled application form >>>
    2. Reprint of the paper or alternatively the accepted manuscript complete with all tables and figures in one single PDF file accompanied by the letter of acceptance from the journal.
    3. Scanned copy of the MSc or PhD degree certificate, or if not completed yet – a document with evidence of being a student.
    4. A nomination letter highlighting the strengths of the article and explaining why it warrants being considered for this competition. This letter should to be written by the head of the school, or by a senior colleague. This colleague could, but does not have to be the direct supervisor.

Competing candidates should submit documents 1 through 4 listed above to their SIL national representative. Competing candidates from countries with no national representative should submit their documents to Prof. Judit Padisák, the Chair of the Student Competition Committee, according to her contact details below.


30 September 2017 - submission deadline for articles and accompanying documents to the National Representative (NR) or to Judit Padisák in countries with no NR.

15 December 2017 - deadline for submission of the winning article from each country to Prof. Judit Padisák (it is the responsibility of the national representatives).

15 March 2018 - The competition winners (first 3 places), and names of all competitors reaching Stage 2 of the competition will be announced.

August 2018 - Competition winners will be awarded at a special session, dedicated to the student contest, at the SIL Congress in Nanjing.

Criteria for evaluating the publications during the national screening and again at the international stage will be

      • Scientific/technical quality (score 0-20),
      • Methodological approach (score 0-20),
      • Relevance and potential scientific impact of work carried out (score 0-20).

Contact details:
Prof. Judit Padisák
Chair, Student Competition Committee


The awards will consist of one main and two additional prizes, plus merit certificates to all those participating in Stage 2 of the competition

    • The main prize will consist of a certificate and a grant to attend the August 2018 SIL Congress in Nanjing, including registration fee and travel costs.
    • The winning author will be required to give a dedicated Plenary Lecture (30 min) on his/her winning article during the meeting
    • During this meeting, the winning author will be required to give a dedicated Plenary Lecture (30 min) on his/her winning article.
    • The winners of the second and third prize will each receive a certificate, and a grant to attend the August 2018 SIL Congress in Nanjing, including registration fee + US$500 each to cover a part of their congress expenses. They will be asked to jointly report and summarize their impressions of the congress as representatives of the young generation of SIL members in the concluding congress ceremony.
    • Each participant of Stage 2 will receive a certificate and will be invited to present an oral or a poster presentation during the congress.